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Nikolaevsk Village is located on the Kenai Peninsula near the town of Homer or 9 miles on the
North Fork road east from Anchor Point.
The Russian Village Nikolaevsk was founded in 1968.  The population in Nikolaevsk for 2002
is almost 500 people.
In Nikolaevsk School for 2002 the number of students was 132.
Basketball in Nikolaevsk School is very popular. Students play with other big and small schools
like Soldotna, Kenai, Homer,
Ninilchik and Seldovia.

Welcome to the Russian Giftshop and Cafe serving traditional Russian dishes as borscht,
pelmeni, piroshki and other foods.
The Gift Shop has Nesting Dolls, Lacquered Boxes, Ghzel Porcelain, Russian Icons and
Books, Old Fashioned Russian Hand-embroidered Clothes, Belts, 100% silk and wool Scarves
and Children's Books.

The Church of St. Nikolas was built in 1983. Sergei Lipolit came from Romania in 1993 and
he worked very hard for two years painting holy icons for inside and outside the church. He
also painted holy icons for the Old Rite Orthodox Churches in Oregon and Australia.
He became a bishop for the Australian-Canadian-American Diocese.
Nina`s Info:
Nina Fefelov
P.O.BOX 5025
About us
''SAMOVAR'' Cafe
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Wilmette, Illinois
5 of 5 stars NEW
“Not just a dinner, an experience”
If you just want a quick, cheap Russian meal, don't go to the
Samovar Cafe. If you are looking for an experience and something
to talk about to your friends, that's the place for you. This place is
about 25 minutes from Homer, in a tiny village of Nikolayevsk.
The menu has just a few items - borscht, pelmeni, pirozhki (
which weren't available) when we stopped by, and sauerkraut with
polish sausage. I won't describe the place, or the experience, as
you can read it on other websites, but I will say that the food is
delicious and feels like my Russian grandmother just made it.
Yes, it's pricey, but it's not just the food that you buy - I felt that
the owner, Nina, is very involved in her church and the
community and by patronizing her cafe, you help in a small way to
support that.
If you would like to immerse in a bit of a Russian culture, I can't
think of a better and more authentic place.
Visited July 2016
Tatiana E
5 of 5 stars
“generous reception and delicious food”
We really enjoyed Great food (especially borsch and
pelemeny) and Nina's hospitality
. Good continuation!
Visited August 2016
“Super fun experience”
5 of 5 stars
Great food and hospitality. Nina is great. A "must do" for the
Homer area.
Nina's borscht is fantastic and pel'mini is my
favorite. Fun dining experience for anyone and everyone.
Visited July 2016
“Excellent food and unforgettable experience”
Rural Virginian
5 of 5 stars
We were RVing through the Kenai peninsula and saw this
recommendation in a guidebook. Though a bit off the highway, we
were game and thought we would check it out. We were so glad
we did. It was an indescribably fun and amusing experience. Nina
is a character and so welcoming and fun.
Her food is incredible.
We had borscht, dumplings and the best cream puffs I have
ever had in my life.
I had a vague idea of what borscht was and it
was quite incorrect because this soup was incredible.
The tea was
also delicious!!!
Don't be intimidated when you walk into the
colorful tea room, or when the garrulous Nina insists you have to
eat lots of
her tasty food--you won't regret this stop!
Visited July 2016

Дорогая Нина,
Спасибо за радушный приём!
Всего Вам наилучшего!
Aug 15 at 6:20 AM
(by email)


It was wonderful visiting with you again and enjoying your food
and your special hospitality. We enjoyed the experience in 2007
and were so glad that we were able to enjoy it again during our
2016 visit to Nikolaevsk. Thank you for being the wonderful
effervescent person that you are.
Steve (Rocket scientist) and Donna (Air Force Pilot)
Aug 15 at 10:20 PM
(by email)

“The Russian Experience at Samovar Cafe”
5 of 5 stars
This was a return visit for us. We were last there in 2007 and
returned in 2016. Nina, our hostess, and her grandson
Andrean, welcomed us with smiling faces and open arms. We
got the full explanation of what was involved in the Russian
Experience and selecting our foods and then were treated to
the unique experience that only Nina could give ... a
wonderful multi-course meal of traditional Russian foods,
great ceremony with each course including photos of us with
Russian scarves and photos of Nina and Andrean presenting
each course. After eating we had time to chat with Nina about
her family history and the history of the village of
Nikolaevsk. What fun! Highly recommended!
Reviewed August 16, 2016

“Great tea! Great experience! Wonderful Host!”
5 of 5 stars
Luke H
Reviewed August 21, 2016  via mobile

If you are looking for your average run of the mill dining
experience, Do Not Go Here! If you are looking for a unique
experience and a history lesson of an old Russian village while
enjoying some tasty Borsht and wonderful fireweed tea, This
Is For YOU! We had a great time, enjoyed the food, and left
with some great gifts and bags of tea to brew this winter.

“Russian Samovar Cafe”
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed August 27, 2016  via mobile

We were surprised when we visited this small town near
Ninilchik, Alaska, in Nikolaevsk, off the Sterling Hwy. headed
toward Homer. We were looking for a place to have dinner
and we're told that there's a very good Russian place where
Nina makes you a home cook Russian meal. We couldn't
believe it could be true but we decided to go find out. We
found her small Café just outside of the main town and she
came right in and offered us the full Russian experience. She
said that if we would even have photos to remember our
dinner by. I was totally amazed at the flavor of the food and
the tea the tea was so good and dessert. Her grandson came in
to help because a couple other people showed up and she
prepared dinner for them too. It was so much fun and so
many laughs and lots of good talk and especially the kindness
of Nina and her grandson I will never forget. She took
pictures of my husband and I which we will treasure going
there and dressing like a Russian comma such colorful
clothing and such a colorful surroundings. We took home
some special memories such as the small Russian dolls I'm
and I'm telling my daughter to go there with her husband
who just got married that's why we are up there if they really
want to have a very wonderful dinner and a very wonderful
experience they must go see Nina. If you have a chance to go
by there give her a call first or just show up because she is so
kind she even made dinner for us without even a heads up. it
was dinner time. We lucked out. I would suggest that you give
her a call first. Here is her number, 907-235-6867, and make a
reservation beforehand. You will never regret having gone
there to have the finest Russian dinner imaginable. We had
borscht, pelimeni, Russian tea, and dessert, a very good one.
Go, find out and you will be so glad you did! The tea, it was
the best tea I ever had. The heart warming kindness, beyond
words. Many surprises await.

“A Must See!”
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed July 18, 2016
This is the best authentic Russian cuisine I've ever had. Nina
was a fabulous host. She cooked everything for us from
scratch. I am still craving her borscht. I highly suggest "the
Russian experience." Dress up in fine Russian attire and have
a blast!
“Fun and unique!”
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed July 15, 2016  via mobile
We had a great time with Nina. Have never been to anything
like this before. Nina comes across as stern at first, but turned
out to be hilariously funny! Keep an open mind and you will
enjoy this unique and unforgettable experience too! Try her

Visited July 2016
“A must see place!!!!!”
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed July 12, 2016  via mobile
It's a very quant restaurant in a small Russian community.
The food was excellent and very authentic, especially red
borscht and pelmeni!!! I know because I'm from Russia. Nina,
the owner who also cooks and tells stories is very friendly and
adorable. I felt like I came home when I was there. It's a

Visited July 2016
“unexpected find!”
4 of 5 stars
Vacheslav T
Reviewed June 30, 2016
very nice atmosphere and playful owner "baba" Nina! nice
food and entertainment comes like the twins ;-)

visit this place, leave some money for their church and have

Visited June 2016
“Worth Finding”
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed June 27, 2016
This is an out of the way spot off of North Fork Rd. near
Anchor Pt. Have the tea - it is fabulous! Look around, do
some shopping - Nina will insist :)

On our trip to the Russian Samovar Cafe, it was closed
initially, however we waited a moment in the parking lot
(which will accommodate motorhomes - if they are not too
big) and soon Nina arrived. Nikolaevsk is a small (very small)
town. She will see you coming!

Visited July 2015
“Delicious food, fun place and lovely Nina! ”
5 of 5 stars
Maria B
Reviewed June 24, 2016  via mobile
I had a wonderful road trip from Anchorage to Homer in the
middle of May. Saw this place on Google maps by accident
and felt absolutely lucky to discover it! A Russian-style house
with colorful design, lots of souvenirs, Delicious food and
beautiful hostess! I enjoyed my time with Nina so much! Stop
by if you are visiting Alaska and you won't regret! :)

“Fun, funny and kitschy. ”
5 of 5 stars
Caterina R
Reviewed June 22, 2016  via mobile
Lots of russian kitsch, take a bite of borscht, have some tea,
and bring some cash. It's a real russian experience in that we
russians always push food and other things. If you don't like
that, don't come. We had a great little time:) spaceba

Visited June 2016
“So fun!”
Gillian R
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed June 18, 2016  via mobile
We had an absolute blast at the Samovar cafe! We were
travelling from Homer to Anchorage and decided to stop by
for tea. The tea was delicious, as were the desserts. The best
part of the stop was Nina! She was so fun, such an excellent
hostess! Next time I am in town, I will have to call Nina and
stop by for dinner.

“Fantastic visit!”
5 of 5 stars
Ben P
Reviewed June 14, 2016  via mobile
We had an absolutely wonderful time and a delicious lunch! It
is a very special and unique experience and not a regular
typical meal. Nina loves her heritage and shares her history
with you in a memorable way. She has a protocol and if you
allow yourself to be immersed in her hospitality, it only adds
to the experience! We very much enjoyed her tea, her shop
and the opportunity to be dressed and take pictures in her
authentic clothing. Our kids had a great time too and we all
loved the borscht! Her food was delicious! Thank you Nina :)

Visited June 2016
5 of 5 stars
Andrea S
Reviewed May 30, 2016
This has been a beautiful experience. Nina and Dennis are
incredible, welcoming and heart warming. True to their
tradition and beliefs. Thank you so much for making this
experience possible. NOT TO MISS!!!
“Three high school friends on a road trip.”
5 of 5 stars
Donita G
Reviewed May 28, 2016
We stopped in to see this little cafe and were delightfully
surprised. We were served a delicious authentic Russian meal
cooked and presented by Nina, the entertaining owner. It was
definitely worth stopping at but we would suggest making a
reservation if you decide to visit.
“Wonderful experience, very good Russian
food, and great hospitality!”
4 of 5 stars
Sandy D
Reviewed May 19, 2016
We enjoyed meeting Nina, and enjoyed the authentic Russian
food, especially the tea. After seeing several Russian
Orthodox churches in the area, the experience really
emphasized the Russian influence (although Nikoleavsk was
settled by Old Believers in fairly recent times). We even had
our photos taken in Russian garb. I wouldn't suggest visiting
if you don't want to purchase something and eat, though.

Visited May
Trip Advisor "Samovar " Cafe Nikolaevsk ,AK
Nina and her best helper grandson
serving Russian Tea and
Cream Puffs desert August 10, 2016
                 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ON YELP !!!!!

Richard F.
Greer, SC
Our YWAM team was looking for something to do that was fun on an off
day. The drive time from Homer to Anchor Point and then to the Russian
village was a little longer than expected but it was beautiful. The village
was not as "little Russia" as I expected but it was quaint. The Orthodox
Church was not open either which was a bummer. The cafe was a little
over touristy but the tea and create puffs were fun to enjoy. Nina the
owner and server was a hoot. Take cash when you visit. There are tons of
trinkets to look at and purchase though they are little speedy. Definitely
worth the trip if you have the time.


Chris L.
Dublin, CA
This cafe really isn't a restaurant in the traditional American meaning,
more of a Russian family meal with the owner, Nina as your host.

The menu is very limited with only 2 starters (Borscht and Piroshki, 3
entrees (Beef Plemeni, Polish sausage and a combo of the two) and one
dessert. Most likely Nina will pick the best for you or may be out of one
or the other if you dont book in advance.

Make sure to check out the tea - it has a rather original taste.

If you purchase a gift over $25 Nina can give you a talk About the town,
Old believers while cooking the food. Also dress children in traditional
Russian clothes. We didn't go for this however - just tried the great
borscht and plemeni.


Matt C.
Manhattan, NY
5 star entertainment factor with Nina, 3 star food but hits the spot after a
long drive out here. Prepare to laugh

Maria Boykova
4 months ago-
5 of 5 stars
What a beautiful place! I visited Alaska for the first in my life in the
middle of May and absolutely felt in love with this particular cafe! A
Russian style house with lots of colorful designs and souvenirs made me
feel very comfortable. Nina is a lovely person, we laughed a lot! I enjoyed
my dinner and even came back next day to have my lunch! :) stop by if
you visiting Alaska! ;)
Donita Giallombardo
5 of 5 stars
5 months ago-
Three high school friends on an Alaskan road trip stopped into this quaint
cafe and spent a delightful afternoon with Nina, the owner. We enjoyed a
delicious Russian meal and were entertained by Nina as she dressed us in
costume and took many pictures of our adventure! Worth a stop but if
you want the full experience, make a reservation.
Nancy Johansen
5 of 5 stars
a year ago
We felt we were in a different dimension at Nina's Samovar Cafe, B&B,
and village.  A trip to the cemetery is a must, and do have the Russian
Experience.  It is worth it just for the photos alone, plus a great dinner.
Nina served breakfast at 6:00 to accommodate our schedule.  
In the Summer of 2017, all prices on the food menu are increasing 20%.  
The prices will be added at checkout.    Thank you.